Active Mutz Overview

We provide professional dog walking services in the Bowmanville and surrounding area offering private and group dog walking, in-house care visits and affordable relief services.


Private Dog Walking

Private individual dog walking  is the right choice if your dog prefers to sniff every tree, roll in the grass or chase a ball. Private dog walks are in your own neighbourhood and tailored to your pet’s preferences.

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Group Dog Walks

Your dog will love a long, fun, leashed dog walk with 3-4 dogs on a brisk walk around your neighbourhood. Your dog will be socialized with other dogs, enjoy a great dog walk and return home happy and tuckered out ready for a good nap.

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In-House Care Visits

Our in-house care services are simply visits to your location for your convenience and to assist you with your pet care while you are away from your home due to work schedules, vacation, or just away doing what you need to do.

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Affordable Relief Services

Affordable barebones services. Many people also request quick relief services ideally suited for new puppies in the training stage or for people with a tight budget.

Quick Winter Walks

Shorter and more affordable dog walks for the colder winter months. These are suitable for really small dogs so their little paws don't freeze in the colder weather. 

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