Private Dog Walking

Private dog walks are in your own neighbourhood and are tailored to your pet’s preferences. Ideal for your puppies or senior dogs or your furry family member with whom you want to shower undivided affection.


Group Dog Walks

Your dog will enjoy a long, fun, leashed dog walk with 2-3 dogs briskly walking around your area. Your dog will be socialized with other dogs,  enjoy a great dog walk and return home happy and tuckered out.


In-House Care Visits

Our in-house care services are simply visits to your location for your convenience while you're away from your home due to work schedules, vacation or just doing what you need to do.


Private Dog Walking

20 to 30 minute walk

Walk around your own neighbourhood


Feeding and watering as needed

Lots of affection and a treat!

Update of the walk

$16 per walk  $5 for each additional dog

Group Dog Walks

20 to 30 minute walk

Group socialization

Reinforce commands and training

Fresh water, provide snack, lunch or dinner & Clean-up

Lots of belly rubs and a treat!

Details of the walk

$16 per walk, $5 for each additional dog


In-House Care Visits

Potty breaks, feeding and watering

Cleaning kitty litter plus playtime and belly rubs

Assurance notes to you about your pet

For you convenience, we even bring in your mail

Turning lights on & adjusting curtains (security measures)

$15 per  for 20 min to 30 min visit

Relief Services

Affordable barebones services

Quick relief services for your pets

Ideally suited for new puppies in training

Idea for people with pets on a tight budget.

$10 for 10 minute potty breaks (walking not included)


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